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Creative Change Educational Solutions offers a high school curriculum about remediation of abandoned or contaminated urban sites.

Economics of Global Climate Change is an updated teaching module from the Global Development and Environment institute.

Teachable Moment has new document-based activities on economic anxiety, military spending, immigration, single payer health insurance and climate change.

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Distribution of income and wealth





Lesson plans from Teaching Economics as if People Mattered  “The Ten Chairs” and “Born on Third Base” vividly illustrate how the distribution of wealth in the US and how that wealth was acquired.  

Using the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook students can find the median earnings and the spread in earnings (middle 50 percent) for a variety of occupations. The Handbook contains information on the nature of the work, training requirements, and earnings by occupation. For an activity using such data, see “Wages and Me” at NCEE’s EconEdLink

For issue guides on the minimum wage and living wage see The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) for quick facts to balance out a biased presentation in your textbook. 

Students can calculate a basic family budget, individualized for your community, using Economic Policy Institute's online calculator .

The National Committee on Pay Equity provides numerous fact sheets regarding sex discrimination that could be incorporated into class discussion.

Education World’s lesson plan on “Closing the Salary Gap” has students work with data on men’s and women’s salaries from the National Center on Education Statistics web site.

Forbes magazine lists the wealthiest U.S. individuals and families. Students could analyze the sources of this wealth: inherited; gained by starting a business; or gained by building a business based on inheritance.

The pay levels of corporate executives can be analyzed using the AFL-CIO executive pay watch .

Teachable Moment has classroom activities“What’s Happening to the American Dream?” “Examining the Tax Cuts,” and “The Class & Race Divide in New Orleans and in America” all involving comparison of viewpoints on U.S. income and wealth distribution.