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Creative Change Educational Solutions offers a high school curriculum about remediation of abandoned or contaminated urban sites.

Economics of Global Climate Change is an updated teaching module from the Global Development and Environment institute.

Teachable Moment has new document-based activities on economic anxiety, military spending, immigration, single payer health insurance and climate change.


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Globalization and trade





Facing the Future offers a number of helpful lesson plans on global issues, including environmental degradation, poverty, and consumption.

A number of lessons plans on globalization issues, including development, women, and environment, are available from the Center for Strategic and International Studies .

“A Case Study: United States International Trade in Goods and Services,” from Econedlink is a lesson plan in which students examine recent data on U.S. imports and exports.

Is free trade really as beneficial as many textbooks suggest? For a readable analysis of the case of Mexico, see “NAFTA’s Untold Stories: Mexico’s Grassroots Responses to North American Integration,” by Timothy A. Wise. (pdf file)

Marketplace: Let’s Go Euro! from EconEdLink available at provides a classroom activity on the history of the euro and issues arising from its use.