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Creative Change Educational Solutions offers a high school curriculum about remediation of abandoned or contaminated urban sites.

Economics of Global Climate Change is an updated teaching module from the Global Development and Environment institute.

Teachable Moment has new document-based activities on economic anxiety, military spending, immigration, single payer health insurance and climate change.

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Labor and unions





The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hosts a web site especially for teen workers.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has a special youth website that includes statistics about workplace safety for teens as well as links to web sites regarding teen-specific laws.

The Library of Congress has a series of informational web pages and stimulating activities on child labor.

Annotated links to dozens of lesson plans on labor, labor history and unions are available from the American Labor Studies Center.

A comparison of sweatshop conditions now and in the early twentieth century is one of a number of curriculum items provided by the American Social History Project at City University of New York.

Using primary sources from the Library of Congress, students can learn about working conditions at the turn of the century.
Based on primary source materials at Cornell University, students can learn about the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.

The National Park Service developed a lesson plan on the 1913 Paterson, New Jersey, silk worker strike.

Based on Smithsonian Institution documents, students can compare conditions for U.S. slaves and wage workers in the 1850s  

On the civil rights and labor movement, see student activities at the George Meany Memorial archives.

The Economic Policy Institute maintains “issue guides” on the minimum wage and living wage that can offer quick facts to balance out a biased presentation in your textbook. 

On Wal-Mart’s labor policies and anti-union activities see Teachable Moment's “Wal-Mart and Its Critics” for classroom activities drawing on both positive and negative views of the corporation. The AFL-CIO web site’s “Corporate Watch” section posts current labor news regarding Wal-Mart, including a campaign regarding back-to-school supplies. The National Education Association also includes this campaign among its “Issues in Education.”