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American Labor Studies Center  provides annotated links to dozens of lesson plans on labor, child labor, and labor history, and a twenty-page “Labor Education for the K -12 Curriculum.” This is a good starting point to find lessons from a variety of labor-oreinted sources.

American Social History Project / Center for Media and Learning offers highly engaging lessons based on original books and CD-ROMs and is especially useful for courses integrating economic history and for labor history.

Buck Institute, Problem Based Economics offers eight complete lessons, plus one introductory unit, in which students confront a realistic economic problem .

Center for Environmental Education Online hosts a “Curriculum Library” linking to many K-12 lesson plans created by other organizations.

Center for Popular Economics publishes The Ultimate Field Guide to the U.S. Economy (updated at www.fguide.org), “Econ-Atrocity” bulletins, interspersed with occasional “Econ-Utopia” bulletins. and summer workshops for educators and political activists interested in a left perspective.

Consumer Jungle offers teaching units with interactive games on credit, budgeting, and buying cars, computers, and phones. The “Consumer Awareness” side of the web site provides updated information on corporate practices harmful to consumers.

Creative Change: Educational Solutions is a clearinghouse for lesson plans, some of which are downloadable (registration required), on environmental, land use, food, ecological, and cultural responsiveness.

Dollars and Sense publishes a bimonthly “magazine of economic justice” and “Real World” readers on microeconomics, macroeconomics, the environment, and globalization.

EcEdWeb is a frequently updated site useful for high school and college teachers nationwide. The “Economic Data and Information” page includes annotated commentary and links to many online sources. The directory of lesson plans is noteworthy for integrating geography and history. “Web Teach” provides helpful advice on using the Internet in teaching economics, and practical guidance for studying controversial issues and using experiments and simulations in class.

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