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The Stock Market Game is the most widely used stock market simulation, formerly funded by the Securities Industry Association, now supported by the Foundation for Investor Education. See criticisms of this and other stock market games in “Teaching About Stocks for Fun and Propaganda."

Survey Research Center (Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University), “Explorations in Economics–A Survey for High School Students” offers an online survey in which composite data can be sent back (maintaining student confidentiality) along with comparisons to responses from a national sample of high school students.

TeachableMoment.org posts activities for use in high school classrooms on war, peace, social justice, and environmental issues. Nearly all activities ask students to evaluate a current controversy, and include ready-to-use student readings, often presenting different sides on an issue. Follow-up questions are carefully organized to promote discussion, writing, and further inquiry.

Teaching Economics As If People Mattered offers the high school appropriate, ready-to-go lesson plans from a print book entitled Teaching Economics As If People Mattered, now being converted toa multimedia web format.

Teaching for Change is an online catalog books and videos produced from a left-of-center perspective. The organization is funded by a number of private foundations and state humanities councils.

United for a Fair Economy in its “Economics Education” section of their web site lists a number of reports (which can be downloaded for free) as well as books and workshop packages, and an extensive reading list.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission offers plentiful free, up-to-date educational materials on consumer issues such as credit, marketing scams, and identity theft.

U.S. Library of Congress, “The Learning Page” offers over one hundred complete lesson plans, often including primary materials for the Library of Congress that may be especially useful for economic history, labor history, and civil rights.

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